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Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant Program

The Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant Program offers cash and guidance to make a promotion or event come to fruition. The grant reimburses Wisconsin non-profit organizations for qualified advertising costs. There are five categories of JEM grants and the application for each one is written differently.

Why you should do it…

  • Organizations can receive up to $39,550 in marketing reimbursement.
  • A JEM grant is often a catalyst for communities, giving them the means to tap into the power of travel to make a solid impact on their economy and create jobs for its residents.
  • It could mean the difference between getting your idea launched and letting it wilt away.
  • The Department can reimburse up to 75% of a project’s first year promotional costs.
  • For some categories, we offer grant support during subsequent years (50% for the second year, 25% for the third year).
  • Eligible expenses include things like e-mail marketing, print and broadcast ads, direct mail, publicity, and billboards.

Apply for a JEM

Access grants through our e-grant system at

Enter the FEIN for your organization and set up an account for yourself.  When your account is activated, you’ll be able to click the Apply For A Grant button on your organization’s homepage. The system will save your work as you complete the steps and click next.  You’ll also be able to print a copy of your application.

Read through the application materials information:
JEM Program Summary and Application Materials
Destination Marketing Grant Application Materials
New Event Application Example

Determine if your project is a fit.

Joint Effort means we’re in this together. Don’t forget to show or mention on all your JEM funded advertising. Access logo files

Read about Joint Effort Marketing Administrative Rules.
Read about tracking your project expenditures.

JEM Grant Deadlines

New Events, Existing Events, One Time-One-of-a-Kind Events and Sales Promotions are reviewed four times a year, in August, November, February and April.

Destination Marketing grant applications are reviewed twice a year, in September and April.

Applications must be received by the first of the month.

Applications must also be submitted at least 90 days prior to the first day of advertising that will be paid using the grant funds; for example, if your first JEM funded ad runs on November 1, your application should be submitted by August 1.