Travel Green Wisconsin

Travel Green Wisconsin

Join the ranks of Aldo Leopold and Gaylord Nelson and help lead Wisconsin into a sustainable future by becoming Travel Green Wisconsin Certified. From cost savings and increased marketing opportunities to providing a positive environmental impact and supporting local businesses, the benefits of being Travel Green Wisconsin certified are abundant.

What is Travel Green Wisconsin (TGW)?

Travel Green is designed to give the state’s tourism businesses an effective marketing edge, promote smart business practices, reduce overall bottom lines and ultimately protect the beauty and vitality of Wisconsin’s landscape!

Why become certified?

How to Apply and Costs of Certification.

To become certified as a Travel Green Wisconsin business, review the qualifications and complete the online Travel Green Wisconsin Application Form

Businesses can apply at any point throughout the year and pay a pro-rated fee based on the date they become certified. Invoices will be sent to all new members upon certification, so please do not send payment with the application. A full year membership is $95, starting on July 1st, regardless of business size or number of employees. 

How Do I Renew?

Memberships are renewed every other year. The Department of Tourism will send an invoice at the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1. If memberships aren’t renewed, all information related to Travel Green Wisconsin™ and your business, will be removed from TGW marketing initiatives. 

History of Travel Green Wisconsin

In 2005, the Department of Tourism created a Sustainable Tourism Ad Hoc Committee of leaders representing tourism industries, non-profit organizations and government agencies with the mission of helping tourism organizations adopt more sustainable business practices. Travel Green Wisconsin launched as a pilot program in 2006 in several key communities where tourism businesses went through the certification process and provided feedback used to fine-tune program elements. The program was introduced statewide in 2007. Currently over 409 Wisconsin tourism businesses and organizations have been certified as Travel Green Wisconsin businesses.

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