Power of Tourism

Strategic Plan

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism 2019-2021 Strategic Plan is complete! We can’t thank you enough for your valuable feedback that informed every step of the process. We are thrilled with the clear direction the final plan provides.

Review the Wisconsin Department of Tourism 2019-2021 Strategic Plan here.

You’ll note that the plan is distilled down to just 2 pages. This reflects a desire to have a plan that works for us and with us every single day. We wanted a document that would guide our work at every turn, not one that just sits on a shelf. We’re happy to report that it’s already being used as intended. The plan now serves as the basis for the much more detailed project and individual work plans that determine our activities (and metrics!) for the next two years and beyond.

Regular updates on the strategic plan are shared with stakeholders in the TW News. Sign up for updates here.

Thank you for your continued engagement in our work. Your perspective is helping us chart the best course forward for Wisconsin tourism.