Economic Impact 2016

Tourism is an integral part of the Wisconsin economy. It generates millions in tax receipts, and its broad range of employment creation provides jobs that support the state’s economic health. By measuring and monitoring this impact, we can make informed decisions on funding, marketing and also carefully analyze trends, successes and future needs.

  • Wisconsin Economic Impact Research

    Tourism reached $20 billion in 2016, up $700 million from 2015. For even more encouraging news, dig in to the full report. We also offer the findings in a handy fact sheet.

  • County Total Economic Impact

    This report covers every base for all 72 counties – direct visitor spending, total business sales (direct visitor spending plus indirect and induced impacts), total jobs, labor income, and tax revenue, organized both alphabetically and ranked by business sales.

  • Key Messages for Wisconsin’s Tourism Industry

    These are powerful takeaways on the type of research we use in calculating visitor spending, return on investment, the outlook for the industry, and trends we’re tracking, all for your use in communicating your story.

  • County Economic Impact Fact Sheet

    Fill in the blanks on this fact sheet to create a snapshot of the power of tourism specifically for your county. Then share liberally.

  • Press Release Template

    Adapt this news release for distribution to your local media as an effective way to spread the word about the power of travel and the positive impact of tourism in your area.

  • Power of Tourism Community Letter Template

    State your case for the power of tourism in creating jobs and contributing to quality of life in your community when you customize this letter and present it to your local elected officials.

  • National Travel and Tourism Week Toolkit

    The first full week in May is always National Travel and Tourism Week, a time when cities and towns across the nation celebrate tourism’s positive impact on their communities. The U.S. Travel Association provides a toolkit to help you join in the celebration and spread the word in your community.

  • Project: Time Off – US Travel Association

    The U.S. Travel Association’s “Project: Time Off” campaign aims to shift cultural perceptions about using vacation time from frivolous to essential in strengthening families and improving personal health. Learn more about this powerful campaign and how you can integrate Project: Time Off into your marketing efforts.

  • Tips for Pitching

    Need some suggestions on how to pitch a National Travel and Tourism Week story to your local media? This how-to article offers a few important "insider" tips to make sure your story passes the media's "why should I cover this?" test.