Good research is invaluable to the decisions we make. They validate the hard work of the industry and provide wisdom on all the ways Wisconsin is wowing visitors.

Delivering Maximum ROI

Data has long been a core pillar in which Travel Wisconsin builds its approach to marketing the state as a premier travel destination. Learn how we’ve taken that data-driven approach to a new level with our industry-leading Propensity to Visit Model. This proprietary model identifies the maximum return on investment opportunity for our advertising using data from leading market research experts Longwoods International and visitation intelligence company Arrivalist, along with the support of our advertising agency of record, Hiebing.

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Economic Impact

How much did visitors spend last year? Where did they spend it? What is the impact of tourism in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties? Answers to those questions and more are compiled annually by national experts. We’ve provided all the research, key takeaways and other tools to demonstrate the economic impact of tourism.

2020 Economic Impact and Tourism Week Toolkit

Outdoor Recreation

2018 Outdoor Participation Report by the Outdoor Industry Association

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Legislative Fiscal Bureau

State Tourism Promotion Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper Jan. 2019.

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