Monroe County-Elroy Sparta Trail

Monroe County Defines Fun

Monroe County, Wisconsin is a place of memorable impressions, unusual contrasts, captivating experiences and new discoveries!
Explore the beauty of Monroe County on a biking, hiking, tubing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, sledding, ski, snow shoeing or driving adventure. Discover our beautiful walkways, biking and hiking trails, rivers, streams and lakes.
From horse and buggy to the space age, the people of Monroe County boast of a proud heritage of railroads to bike trails, Amish communities, shops, stores, friendly folk with great stories and more.
In Monroe County it's not only the beauty that the county has in store for you during your visit, but it's the people that make the place.

Defining Fun

The 3 words I would use to describe the Wisconsin brand of fun are...

Wholesome, friendly, non-stop.

The brand of fun in Wisconsin means...

It’s everywhere you go in the state – doesn’t matter your age, your pocketbook, whether you are alone, in a small group or part of a huge audience – fun is there for you to enjoy and make memories.

Examples of Fun Experiences

To bring fun to life, we provide experiences like...

A picturesque bike ride on the trail, a drive through the beautiful countryside and a visit to our quaint towns and shops!

I know our visitors are having fun because they’ve told us...

The bike trails are breathtaking, and they can’t wait to come back again with more friends and family. They complement us on how they are treated when staying in our area for a festival or special event. They love just jumping in their car and starting to drive through the countryside to see what they can find and experience.

Tips for Others in the Industry

We’re making sure our visitors/customers experience fun by training our staff...

To recommend many other destinations in our county and promote the experience in an exciting way.

Best Partnership Practices for the Industry

Our community collaborates to promote fun by...

Promoting all of the communities and destinations in the county and everything they have to offer.  

We’re able to promote the brand of fun by partnering with the Department through...

Staffing the booth at the State Fair and Journal Sentinel Sports Show and utilizing the custom features on the website to promote our area.