Clark County

Clark County Defines Fun

Clark County is centrally located in Wisconsin only a two hour drive from Madison, Green Bay and Minneapolis, making it the perfect rural destination for a quick day trip or a weekend getaway. Our many greenhouses, fine artists, farmers markets, world famous artisans cheese makers, winery and many recreational opportunities are sure to make an enjoyable getaway that the entire family will enjoy and create a lifetime of memories. Clark County…every season will capture your heart!

Defining Fun

Let your senses guide you as you travel through our county. Clark County is fun in every sense of the word.

Stop and experience our acres of beautiful flowers at our countryside greenhouses, feel the breeze in your hair on our lakes and trails and partake in our arts and flavorful cheeses and wines.

Examples of Fun Experiences

Enjoy the aroma of a fresh glass of wine at Munson Bridge Winery while sitting on the patio on a warm summer day enjoying the beautiful gardens, pond and live music with some great company of friends and family. A good time is sure to be had by all.

From sunrise to sunset no matter what the season, there is no shortage on fun.
From water to snow, countryside cruises to adventures through the woods, you just can’t experience it all in one day. Come play and stay!

Tips for others

Try to capture every moment possible in the form of a photo. Photos tell the story much better than words. Events, people having fun, recreational opportunities, etc…take pictures everywhere in every season. They can be used as promotions in many different ways and through many different channels.

Best partnership practices for the industry

We make sure everyone knows that you can have fun in Clark County by constantly and consistently telling stories of our amazing county through every networking and partnership possible.

Our word is spread through volunteer groups like our Tourism Committee, Friends of the Fairgrounds, Arts in Clark and many other organizations such as Local Chambers, Visitor Centers, WI Dept of Tourism, Forestry and Parks Department, Press and Social Media channels.

We find it necessary to continuously talk about all of our county features amongst our partnerships. We market every corner of our county.