Marketing Overview

Fall in Wisconsin is packed full of fun things to do both inside and outside. From hiking and shopping, to camping and touring breweries. This fall we’re asking visitors, are you more WisconsIN? Or WisconsOUT? 


For video, we’re again teaming up with former Packers player and Dancing with the Stars legend Donald Driver to highlight everything there is to do inside and outside in the fall. His friendliness acts as a welcoming invitation to visitors to come to Wisconsin.

Our 30-second TV spot shows viewers all that can be packed into a fall weekend trip. We follow one woman’s journey through different destinations, as she encounters Donald Driver while shopping in a quaint town, camps with her family, sees the fall colors from a wooded hiking trail, and meets friends, family and Donald Driver in a craft brewery.

Additionally, we’re featuring pared-down 15-second and 6-second spots with Donald Driver online and on social media, targeted to specific audiences.

Fall Wisconsin-Wisconsout 30 Second TV Spot


Playing off the campaign, our digital display banners ask viewers if they are “WisconsIN or WisconsOUT” while showing a split screen of both inside and outside activities and destinations. When viewers click through to, they’ll find dynamic content related to the ad they viewed.  

Additionally, since fall colors are a huge driver of fall visitors to Wisconsin, we’re using digital banners to showcase the Fall Color Report. These banners click through directly to the Fall Color Report landing page on 


As in past years, we’re partnering with the Badger Sports Network to broadcast radio spots during Badger games. Matt Lepay, the voice of the Badgers, is also the voice of these radio spots which will tie in the WisconsIN/WisconsOUT campaign.  


Using channels like Facebook and Instagram, we’re highlighting the existing video and digital assets to engage audiences interested in our content. Facebook and Instagram posts drive viewers to to explore the variety of inside and outside activities you can take part in during fall in Wisconsin.  


The PR team kicks off the busy fall travel season by visiting Chicago where we will meet one-on-one with top travel journalists and bloggers to talk about what’s new and trending in Wisconsin for 2020, including the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee and the Ryder Cup in Kohler.   

A series of news releases promotes fall events, the Fall Color Report, and fall/winter campaign updates. The team will be pitching TV and radio interviews to promote fall color, events and activities.  

The Department also plans on hosting several influencer trips, as well as a group press tour, which is scheduled for multiple destinations in Sheboygan County in mid-October.  

Other fall promotional efforts include weekly events broadcasts; two fall issues of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Fun Times; advertorials in the Chicago Daily Herald and Journal and Topics magazines and assisting media outlets with travel stories as needed. 


In addition to promoting fun, Travel Wisconsin also lends a hand in promoting individual Wisconsin destinations, events and attractions through the Co-op Advertising program. We’re pleased to continue to offer expanded co-op advertising opportunities through 2019. These programs pool the resources of the Department and individual advertisers to generate a more powerful Wisconsin travel message. For more information on co-op advertising, click here