Summer FY17 Header

Marketing Overview

The temperature is heating up and summer fun is just around the corner in Wisconsin. This season’s ad campaign takes the concept of “Real Fun” to the next level, putting the spotlight on authentic Wisconsin travel experiences and playful traditions by featuring a real family that has been vacationing in the state for decades.

For nearly 60 years, the Thompson family has been visiting Black’s Cliff Resort in Hazelhurst. Each year, four generations of Thompsons travel from Colorado, Illinois and Wisconsin to spend two weeks together, relaxing on the lake and passing down annual traditions to the next generation. The department’s summer campaign highlights those fun traditions and the joys of spending time with friends and family.


Who Needs a Cell Phone to Have Fun?

Who needs a cell phone, when everyone you want to talk to is already with you? This TV spot celebrates the joys of spending quality time with loved ones, when the only thing you’ll need a phone for is capturing the fun memories you’re making.


There’s no shortage of fun in Wisconsin, where the wholesome pleasure of a traditional cabin getaway never goes out of style. The reason is simple – grown-ups want to re-create for their kids and grandkids the fun they had during their annual summer vacations.

The summer campaign features two print ideas that hit home that concept, showing multiple generations enjoying a fun Wisconsin vacation together.