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Marketing Overview

Wisconsin has a fest for everything. And this summer, we’re giving visitors the inside scoop on the many fairs and festivals taking place this season. Whether we’re reminding travelers of town favorites like Butterfest and Beef-a-Rama, or spreading the word about Summerfest and Brat Fest to audiences throughout the Midwest, not only is there a fest for everything, there’s a fest for everyone.


For video, we’re teaming up with former Packers player and ballroom dancer extraordinaire Donald Driver to highlight Wisconsin fairs and festivals. His infectious smile and unbridled enthusiasm pair well with the excitement of festival season in Wisconsin.

Our 30-second linear TV spot showcases Donald Driver enjoying Warrens Cranberry Festival to the max. He’s hanging out in the cranberry marsh with growers, leading a parade, dancing with the locals and eating cream puffs, all while “donning” his trademark smile.

Additionally, we’re featuring pared-down 15-second and 6-second spots with Donald Driver online and on social media to targeted audiences.

Donald Driver Celebrates Wisconsin | Travel Wisconsin

Why is Donald Driver always smiling? Take a trip to Wisconsin and find out for yourself!

Out of Home

To drive home the fact that Wisconsin has a fest for everything, our out-of-home features unique festival mash-ups like corn on the cob and airplanes or bacon and music. The seemingly unrelated things come together to make something unique and fun – just like Wisconsin. These festival mash-ups are on billboards throughout Chicago and Minneapolis.


Because we’re targeting a wide variety of consumers across a wide variety of digital mediums, the digital creative has a handful of touchpoints. For each different digital execution, users land on a dynamic landing page tailored to the events and activities they’re interested in.

  • We use the festival mash-up concept throughout digital display banners to showcase the unique, sometimes wacky style of fun you can find at fairs and festivals across Wisconsin.
  • To further engage users, we use animated digital banners to serve up a fun game of “Fest or Fiction,” which challenges users to guess whether a festival is made up, or an actual festival in Wisconsin. Spoiler alert: they’re all festivals.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) targets potential visitors with highly personalized digital ads. If a user is into outdoor recreation, they might receive an ad about hiking or camping, whereas a user more interested in festivals would receive a fairs and festivals focused ad.
  • Native advertising directs users to some of the best articles and resources on the website to help with trip planning.


Our radio spot brings together all the different sounds of summer festivals in Wisconsin. Individually, the festivals of Wisconsin have their own sound, but when you put them together you get a melodic beat that could be the soundtrack to your summer in Wisconsin. Radio is airing with partners like the Brewers Radio Network.


Using channels like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, we’re highlighting our creative assets to the audiences that are most interested. With our statement geo-filters on Snapchat, we’ll engage with a youthful audience, while our Facebook and Instagram platforms allow us to drive audiences to to plan a visit and see what’s in store for a summer adventure. 


The PR team will kick off the busy summer season by sending out updated information on sports, meetings and convention spaces and conducting virtual desk sides with meetings and convention planners across the country.

The team will also pitch stories on outdoor recreation, big anniversaries, Wisconsin’s wide array of festivals and more. PR will also begin planning for what will be a busy 2020, with press activities relating to the DNC and the Ryder Cup.

Later this season, the PR team will schedule deskside meetings with top travel journalists in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York City. The Department will also host a group press tour to the Janesville/Beloit area in August. In addition, the team is planning this summer’s Instagram FAM campaign.

Other promotional efforts include: Pitching television interviews to highlight fun summer activities; Wisconsin Radio Network and WTMJ-620 weekly broadcasts; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Fun Times” issues featuring summer activities; Midwest Living and Chicago Daily Herald inserts; pitching media about what’s new and trending for 2019; and assisting media outlets with travel stories and providing photos.


In addition to promoting fun, Travel Wisconsin also lends a hand in promoting individual Wisconsin destinations, events and attractions through the Co-op Advertising program. We’re pleased to continue to offer expanded co-op advertising opportunities through 2019. These programs pool the resources of the Department and individual advertisers to generate a more powerful Wisconsin travel message. For more information on co-op advertising, click here