Marketing Overview


Gemütlichkeit. It’s a German word that can be tricky to say (guh-MYOOT-lik-KYT), but it's easy to feel. Friendship, warmth and good cheer. That's Gemütlichkeit and that's Wisconsin. You’ll find an abundance of it here—from fairs and festivals to the way we treat our visitors like friends and family—serving as the perfect backdrop for our state.

Wisconsinites are always in search of an excuse to get together, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate. Now, we’re officially inviting our visitors to join us and experience Gemütlichkeit for themselves. 

Gemutlichkeit Toolkit

Travel Wisconsin wants to provide the industry with ready-made resources and tips to help Wisconsin’s tourism industry tell the story of Gemutlichkeit in their community. Download Industry Toolkit


To introduce viewers to the word Gemütlichkeit, we recreated a traditional Gemütlichkeit experience that is truly Wisconsin—a bier hall celebration. Starting with a bang, mustachioed yodeler (and master cheesemaker from Monroe, WI) Tony acts as our emcee, yodeling a quick tune then making way for The Freistadt Alte Kameradenb and performing “Ein Prosit.” Viewers are then taken around the room to dance and laugh with a massive crowd of lederhosen and drindl-donning Wisconsinites living life to the fullest. We wanted to capture Wisconsin’s unique sense of camaraderie to show travelers the fun they can have when visiting the state.

Gemütlichkeit: The Spirit of Wisconsin

It’s called Gemutlichkeit. It can be tricky to say (guh-MYOOT-lik-KYT), but it’s easy to feel. Friendship, warmth and good cheer. That’s Gemutlichkeit and that’s Wisconsin.

Take a trip to Wisconsin and experience it for yourself:


The Summer print ads mirror the TV spot’s Gemütlichkeit-filled energy. The ads bring the feeling of Gemütlichkeit to life on the page with headlines that define the word in Wisconsin’s very own playful and quirky way. And the imagery depicting folks with ear-to-ear smiles enjoying themselves only adds to the celebratory vibe.

Digital Banners

Our banners help get the word out about Gemütlichkeit to future Midwest travelers. Showing images of friendship, warmth, and good cheer, visitors are then invited to “join the party” and find a Wisconsin event.


The radio portion of the Summer campaign is brought to you by none other than Gemütlichkeit Expert—Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. The spots are all about the different ways you can experience the feeling of Gemütlichkeit, and where in Wisconsin you can find it –which is pretty much everywhere! Listening to these spots will get you dreaming of your next Gemütlichkeit-filled Wisconsin vacation.


In addition to promoting fun, Travel Wisconsin also lends a hand in promoting individual Wisconsin destinations, events and attractions through the Co-op Advertising program. We’re pleased to continue to offer expanded co-op advertising opportunities through 2018. These programs pool the resources of the Department and individual advertisers to generate a more powerful Wisconsin travel message. For more information on co-op advertising, click here.