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Marketing Overview

In Wisconsin, we believe the most fun you can possibly have in the winter is playing in the snow. Whether we’re skiing, tubing, snowmobiling or snowboarding, when the snow falls, we come alive. Our winter campaign is built around the idea that a good snowstorm is the perfect reason to celebrate. And time is limited, so it’s important to get out and enjoy it while it lasts.

The objective of this winter campaign is to proactively inform travelers of Wisconsin snow conditions, so many of the ads are built around weather-triggered messaging. When it snows in a certain part of the state, billboards, banners, website alerts and social media ads activate, creating the perfect storm needed to properly spread the word. Here’s how the idea of ‘real-time snow fun’ will come to a billboard, screen or radio near you this winter.


When winter snow conditions are met in at least one trigger city throughout the state, digital banner ads, website alerts (similar to a breaking news ticker) and social media posts activate. These ads direct users to the Snow Conditions Report so they can find the most up-to-date status on snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing throughout the state.

We’re committed to maintaining a distinct, engaging digital presence through social media, the Event Playlist and the Wisconsin Traveler email.

We engage with travelers, visitors and fans on our social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. We use these pages to showcase the experiences, people and places that make winter in Wisconsin so unforgettable.

The winter Playlist is teeming with seasonal attractions, events and activities to help visitors fill their days with excitement, adventure and of course, fun.

Finally, the Wisconsin Traveler email newsletter inspires and encourages travel throughout the state. Subscribers enjoy featured stories, getaway ideas, sweepstakes and other content. They can also subscribe to interest-tailored emails for updates on things like festivals, skiing, ice fishing, and the Snow Conditions Report.


Winter broadcast and online radio spots feature the state’s most passionate winter ambassador, State Secretary of Tourism Stephanie Klett. Each spot focuses on one type of winter staple including indoor waterparks and resorts, cozy cabins, supper clubs, and, of course, snow conditions. These radio spots emphasize the true vibe of winter in Wisconsin - exciting, genuine and unique. Because when you’re having fun, we’re having fun. 


If it’s snowing somewhere in Wisconsin, our billboards know it. Exciting photography and snow-positive messaging drive home the fact that a good snow storm is something to celebrate.

Large, eye-catching posters adorn the windows of travel centers and rest areas throughout the state reminding travelers to get out and enjoy the winter weather while it lasts.


This is a Wisconsin Supper Club

One of the things that makes Wisconsin so special is the tradition of supper clubs. Scattered across the state, these iconic restaurants serve up comfort food, great conversation, and some very special beverages.

Public Relations

The PR team kicked off the season with its annual winter events release, which featured a sampling of top winter events and was distributed to local and regional media outlets. The popular Snow Conditions Report release was timed for distribution after Wisconsin’s first significant winter snowfall in December.

The team continued the successful Instagram influencer effort by coordinating two winter FAM trips. Kelly Lund of @loki_the_wolfdog and @BreezeTurner brought their canine companions Loki and Marley to Sparta for four days in January, and outdoor adventure traveler @KatCarney is visiting Bayfield in February.

This year marked the sixth annual Big Bundle Up charity drive that collects new or gently used warm clothing items for local charities. To date, Wisconsin residents and travelers have collected more than 71,800 items for those in need through the campaign, and this year’s collections are projected to break the campaign’s record! The PR team supported the drive with media relations efforts.

Other winter promotional efforts included in-studio television interviews; Wisconsin Radio Network weekly events broadcasts; weekly radio interviews on 620 WTMJ’s John Mercure Show, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel “Fun Times” issues featuring performing arts and outdoor winter activities; pitching media about what’s new and trending in 2017; and assisting media outlets with travel stories and providing photos.


In addition to promoting fun, Travel Wisconsin also lends a hand in promoting individual Wisconsin destinations, events and attractions through the Co-op Advertising program. This winter, we teamed up with Wisconsin Trails/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to put out several inserts promoting fun in Wisconsin, offering reduced-rate advertising opportunities for the tourism industry. Other year-round co-op opportunities are available online, through our social media channels and in our email publications.