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Travel Wisconsin Database

Shout It Out

Care to reach nine million potential visitors? Did we mention this mega marketing opportunity is free? It all starts when you supply your information for the Wisconsin Tourism database. From there, your database information is shared with the world:

  • It populates
  • We pick it for inclusion in our publications.
  • Our Customer Service team refers to it when answering traveler questions.
  • It’s used on social media channels.
  • It provides content for radio spots that run on 70+ stations.
  • Our PR team uses it in publicity materials and interviews.
  • Our advertising team accesses it for campaign ideas.
  • It’s used in promotions.

 Convinced of the value? Good, let’s get started.

  1. First things first, find out if you meet the database criteria.
  2. If you meet the criteria, fill out the appropriate form from the list below and e-mail it to your local Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitor Bureau, or our office at
  3. If you find your business listing already exists and would like to suggest updates or add images, contact the “Submitted by” partner included on your listing.

At-a-Glance Database Guidelines

  • Events and other businesses and activities must be tourism-related, draw travelers from other areas to yours, and generate revenue.
  • Events and attractions listed need to be open to the general public.
  • Listings must provide opportunities that a leisure traveler may be interested in.

If you sign up, you must commit to maintaining your information to ensure we are providing accurate information to the public.

For CMS Partners

Content Management System (CMS) partners at local tourism organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, statewide tourism organization, performing arts venues, and museums are trained to enter and maintain data directly into the Wisconsin Tourism database. If you’d like to be set up as an CMS partner, contact Courtney Rinka.