Marketing Opportunities

Travel Wisconsin Website and Database is the official website of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and the primary resource for planning a Wisconsin getaway. Each year the website serves over 9 million visitors looking to find fun and travel in Wisconsin. All of the Department’s marketing efforts direct potential visitors to and then our goal is to direct them to you as they make their plans. uses responsive design that meets the needs of the visitor whether they access the site via a desktop, mobile device, or tablet. By empowering visitors to explore, plan, experience, and commemorate their Wisconsin vacation, we increase awareness and travel expenditures for Wisconsin.

Content Marketing

When we launched the redesigned website in 2013 our goal was to increase access and exposure to everything Wisconsin with accurate, rich and relevant content. This included making articles and related content easier to find, and allowing partners to include expanded and richer content, such as photos and social media links.

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Travel Wisconsin Database

The database supports all tourism businesses throughout Wisconsin and provides us with extensive listings of attractions, events and tourism related businesses to support Our Extranet partners at local tourism organizations, Chambers, CVBs, statewide tourism organization, performing arts venues and museums are trained to enter and maintain data directly into our database. It is a great partnership.

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