Marketing Opportunities

Co-op Advertising

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is pleased to continue to offer expanded co-op advertising opportunities through 2018. These programs pool the resources of the Department and individual advertisers to generate a more powerful Wisconsin travel message. While Wisconsin Tourism’s advertising messages increase the awareness of the state, your message allows you to “close the sale.” In addition, Wisconsin travel advertisers share in frequency and volume discounts that translate into dollar savings for each participant.

All programs are facilitated by Laughlin Constable (LC), the Dept. of Tourism’s advertising agency. You’ll work directly with LC (Sarah Keller,, 414-270-7145) to place your advertising. The first step for any of these programs is to fill out the participation agreement. This agreement establishes you as a co-op advertiser and let’s LC know that you understand the rules of the program. LC reserves the right to require new advertisers to prepay for their ads for the first six months of participation in the program in order to establish credit.

Co-op Advertising Participation Agreement

  • Limited Time Offers

    Throughout the year, various one time offers are made available to the industry.

  • Ongoing Offers

    We offer various co-op opportunities throughout the year including deals, social, email and digital ads.