Forward, Together

Department of Tourism Recap and Look Ahead to 2020

I want to thank you for your understanding as we postponed the 2020 Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism as a result of the fast-changing news surrounding COVID-19. I wish I could see your smiling faces and share this news with you personally. But I know that as an industry leader in travel and tourism, you should be in your community, leading your local stakeholders and partners through this time.

We have a lot of important information to share, so I really encourage you to carve out time to watch as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on time-sensitive opportunities to engage and take action in collaboration with us.

We anticipate that you may have questions about all the information we are sharing with you. In order to ensure we don’t miss any of your questions and to efficiently address them, we ask that you please submit your question here. We’ll work diligently to get back to you as quickly as we can.


Acting Secretary Sayers and the Travel Wisconsin team

Welcome and Overview

Welcome and Overview

    In the following Industry Update video chapters, you’ll hear from members of our Travel Wisconsin team and strategic partners who will share updates on:
  • Highlights of our work in 2019
  • Progress we’ve made as guided by our Strategic Plan
  • The work we are putting in place to drive our future campaigns and support our industry stakeholders across the state

Chapter 1

Industry Update | Drive Economic Impact

Without question, driving economic impact is one of the most measurable and impactful categories of the work we do in tourism. In 2018, Wisconsin’s tourism industry created $21.6 billion dollars of economic impact and supported 199,073 jobs throughout the state, driving $1.6 billion dollars in state and local taxes. Tune in to our first Industry Update chapter to hear about the changes we made in 2019, results from Longwoods International's 2019 ROI study and updates on the Office of Outdoor Recreation.

Chapter 2A

Industry Update | Elevate the Wisconsin Brand - Hiebing

During the strategic planning process, we asked you, our tourism stakeholders, what mattered most to you regarding our work. Two of the six primary themes spoke to the importance of our role in developing a statewide brand and leveraging those things that are truly and uniquely Wisconsin, the differentiators that can most effectively drive the growth of tourism in our state. We’ve worked diligently with our advertising agency of record, Hiebing, to establish the processes and best practices that will enable us to achieve this key strategic imperative. This Industry Update chapter will dive into the data and research used to guide our decisions, data science efforts, expanded geographic target markets, creative expression of our strategic direction and a peek at the summer campaign development.

Chapter 2B

Chapter 2B

Industry Update | Elevate the Wisconsin Brand - TURNER

Hear from TURNER, our public relations agency of record on their recent work in 2019 and how we’re moving into 2021 and beyond. PR is integral in elevating the Wisconsin brand through initiatives like earned media, keeping current on editorial trends and focusing on leveraging partner relationships.

Through all of the PR efforts, decision-making is really integrated into our marketing efforts so we can balance top-line brand awareness through channels like digital marketing and articles that inspire urgency in booking a trip. Additionally, TURNER covers how we move forward with proactive pitching of story ideas and boost in-market outreach.

Keep TURNER in the loop so they can help keep your destinations in the media spotlight! Share info about events, story ideas and news by adding to any of your newsletters.

Chapter 3

Industry Update | Engage Partners in Shared Goals

Throughout our strategic planning process, our industry partners asked us to involve, inform and partner with stakeholders across the state. We’re focusing on developing a cohesive, consistent and compelling statewide brand that captures the heart of the entire state, differentiates Wisconsin and can unify tourism stakeholders around a consistent message. This video chapter will dive into what we’ve learned from the Brand and Partner Survey from stakeholders across the state and new initiatives we’re launching for our Co-op Marketing Program.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Industry Update | Ensure Organizational Success and Foster Positive Traveler Experiences

Our final Industry Update chapter will cover what we’ve accomplished in 2019 within the Department and our staff as well as a look to the future goals we have to continue to ensure positive experiences for all. Additionally, we’ll take a look ahead at all the things on the horizon for Travel Wisconsin.