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The Last Tourism Frontier

BMW benchmarks against Uber, Coca- Cola against Amazon, Nike against Southwest Airlines. The world is changing…fast. Traditional business models are no longer relevant. Very few options are left. Increased competition and regulations, cost reductions, lack of talent and narrowed margins… how can you thrive in today’s ever changing and demanding marketplace while setting your organization apart? This high energy, interactive presentation focuses on the revolutionary, breakthrough methodology of Customer Attachment. Learn how to design the CLUES that create emotion, memories through Processing Fluency and ultimately customer decision making.

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Don't Break the Bank: How to Create Effective Content on a Limited Budget

Content may be king in today’s digital landscape, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to produce it. During this session, we’ll focus on strategies for creating effective content on tight budget, as well tips and tricks for understanding your audience and developing a successful content strategy.

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Traveler Preferences & Behaviors: Best Practices to Reach Them

To keep up and reach consumers where they are, all travel brands are moving more budgets to social media marketing. However, there are still many questions around what content best performs on which platform and influences decisions. During this talk, Chute's VP of Marketing Jody Farrar will share the latest data from the new 2018 Social Media Traveler Preferences Report. This annual report looks at what matters most for today's travelers to better understand their preferences and opinions on travel brands' social presences and to also to get a better understanding of their personal sharing habits. Attendees will leave the talk with data to back up their digital strategies and tactics to implement post-event to reach digitally savvy travelers.

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