Tourism Assessments


Taking stock of what you’re doing well, what’s needs shoring up, and what’s missing, and going through that exercise with utmost honesty, is no easy task. Yet the rewards of this “look in the mirror” can ultimately be success. Let us help make your unique community vision more than just a dream. We take it step-by-step with very specific deliverables:

  1. Craft a proposal to community leaders for their approval and support
  2. Assemble a Tourism Task Force
  3. Create and implement a research work plan
  4. Conduct a comprehensive Inventory of tourism assets
  5. Identify a vision for your destination
  6. Identify and prioritize development projects
  7. Determine funding
  8. Finalize an action plan

We offer the following ways to approach this assessment task:

  • Tribal Assessment: Crafted specifically for our Native partners and led by a Regional Tourism Specialist.
  • Destination Assessment: Specialized program created in partnership with the Department of Tourism and a destination marketing organization or other independent non-profit organization and led by a Regional Tourism Specialist.

Contact your Regional Tourism Specialist to begin the process of growing tourism in your destination.