Industry Outreach

Tourism Assessment

Discovering Your Assets

The world’s biggest and best brands understand that in order to encourage sales, they have to market in an effective way and generate demand. What is obvious to these major brands is also obvious to Wisconsin communities and destinations. That is why we created the Tourism Assessment.

This service offering has three opportunities:

  • Do It Yourself (A self-guided tool kit)
  • Tribal Assessment (Crafted specifically for our Native partners led by a Regional Tourism Specialist)
  • Destination Assessment (Created in partnership with the Department and a destination marketing organization of other independent non-profit organization. Specialized program led by a Regional Tourism Specialist (RTS))

The purpose of the program is to assist in establishing a framework for enhanced destination marketing and development ultimately to build an effective plan of action. The process is:

  1. Crafting a proposal to community leaders for their approval and support
  2. Assemble Tourism Task Force
  3. Create and Implement a Research Work plan
  4. Comprehensive Inventory of Tourism Assets
  5. Identify Destination Vision
  6. Identify and Prioritize Development Projects
  7. Funding
  8. Action Plan