Customer Service Training


You can have the most wildly creative advertising campaign in the world that gets droves of visitors pouring in to your destination, but if the customer experiences poor service, you’ll be hard pressed to ever rebuild the bond. That’s why our Regional Tourism Specialists developed a training program covering these topics:

  • Fun Doesn’t Create Itself: Even customer service should have an element of fun to fully pay off the marketing message that when our visitors are having fun, we’re having fun.
  • Fun, Delivered: This is a great brush-up on the do’s and don’ts of customer service.
  • The Fun Starts With You: Know your community, love your community, and share your insider finds with visitors every chance you get.
  • Calm Down, Have Fun: Defusing less-than-happy customers comes with the territory so be the best you can be at this.
  • Fun for All: This module on diversity and barrier free access helps you to better know your customers and deliver what makes them happy and comfortable.
  • Fun Digitized: Customer service is no longer confined to the face-to-face variety so learn best practices of interacting on social media channels.

Contact your Regional Tourism Specialist to schedule your customized customer service training.